Cyberfire's frequently asked Questions


When will you be open?

We are open now!  Our Grand Opening was January 1st, 2020.

What is a “virtual shooting lounge”?


CyberFire Virtual Shooting Lounge is a place where you can get a bite to eat, have a drink, and experience the excitement of shooting sports in a 100% safe environment with our infrared laser-based shooting simulators.

How do your shooting simulators work?

 Our simulators are PC-based, and projected onto large screens in our semi-private shooting lounges.  Shooters use replica firearms that “shoot” a 100% safe, invisible, infrared laser at the screen.  The PC converts the laser shot into the software and your shot is shown on screen. 

What type of shooting can be done on your simulators?

 We have a large number of shooting titles available, including: 

  • Arcade-style shooters like the Saloon, Pirate ship and Hogan’s Alley where you shoot the bad guys and the power ups, but don’t shoot the good guys.
  • Hunting titles such as Full Boar and Mallard Madness
  • Skill builders to improve decision making, target acquisition/transition, and speed.
  • Shooting sport titles like Five Stand for the sporting clay enthusiast, Steel Challenge for those that like to shoot fast, and Practical Shooting for those that enjoy USPSA competition style shooting.
  • And much more! 

Do you charge extra for more people or your different software titles?

Nope.  Our shooting lounges will comfortably accommodate 8 people, but the lounge comes at one cost.  The more people you have the less each of you will get to shoot, but we will let you figure that out.  All of our shooting titles are available within our lounges at no additional cost.  

Can I have a drink or a beer while shooting?

 Absolutely!  And where else could you do this safely?  Since we don’t use any live ammunition, and only use infrared lasers, it’s safe to shoot some targets and have a drink with friends over some lively competition. 


What are the age requirements for shooting?

 CyberFire doesn’t have age restrictions as long as a responsible adult is present with children under 16 years of age.  But we have found that most kids under 8 years old struggle to shoot successfully.  We do expect that everyone, including the kids, treat our replica firearms with respect similar to how a real firearm would be handled. 

Do I need to wear ear or eye protection while shooting?

 No ear or eye protection is needed to prevent an injury from our shooting simulators.   

I’ve never shot before, do you offer any tips to newbies?

 Our Rangemasters give all first time CyberFire visitors a quick tutorial on how to use our simulators, provide a brief safety overview, and will be happy to spend a few minutes showing you proper grip, stance and sight picture if you are interested.

As an experienced shooter, what will I get from this?

 Where do we start?  A safe way to introduce a newbie to shooting in a 100% safe environment.  More rounds down range at a much lower cost.  The ability to shoot fast without concerning the rangemaster.  The ability to draw from a holster and train for self defense.  Improved target acquisition and target transition times.  The ability to shoot at a large variety of target types, including moving targets.  The ability to train for leagues and competitions.  The ability to do something you love, while having an adult beverage, and keeping yourself and your guests safe.  The list goes on.  Come see for yourself.

Is this a good alternative to live-fire training?

 If you plan to shoot a firearm for self defense or sport, there is no alternative to live-fire training with real ammunition.  You need to experience the sound, the smell, the recoil, the muzzle rise, and your reaction to all of it.  However, the virtual shooting simulators at CyberFire are a fantastic way to prepare for your first time shooting live ammunition.  Our simulators are also a cost effective way to work on your shooting skills between trips to the live-fire range.  If you are looking for a live-fire range to visit, please see one of our Rangemasters for a list of our favorite local ranges.  We may even have some discount coupons for you.

Do you have a private room available?

 Yes.  Our private room is available for parties, meetings, get-togethers and even training.  It seats up to 20 people, and includes one of our shooting simulators.  If needed, we can also use the simulator to project presentations, pictures or videos to support your needs.  Call us at 309-323-0998 to discuss your needs and reserve our private room.